Discover the Top 10 of the world's highest paid singer in 2018


Katy Perry, miss rose is the highest-paid singer in 2018. The performer & # 39; baby good appetite & # 39; recovered strength because last year she was the ninth in the ranking.

For 2018, she made a $ 83 million fortune from her shows and the sale of her various albums. Thanks to her Witness tour, Katy Perry is the woman who makes the most money in the music world. . It goes from 9th place in 2017 to 1 in 2018.

Taylor Swift is close with her $ 80 million that she owes largely to her new album "Reputation" and to the world tour that followed this release. Taylor Swift wins a place, she was 3rd in 2017, but more importantly, she increases her label by more than 40 million dollars.

Incredible but true, Beyoncé, the queen of Afro music is in third place, despite her many tours in 2018. In 2017, Beyoncé largely dominated this ranking with her $ 105 million. This year he did not smile at the superstar.

Here is the full list of top 10 female artists in 2018.

1-Katy Perry: $ 83 million

2-Taylor Swift: $ 80 million

3-Beyoncé: 60 million dollars

4-pink: US $ 52 million

5-Lady Gaga: 50 million dollars

6-Jennifer Lopez: US $ 47 million

7-Rihanna: US $ 37.5 million

8-Helene Fischer: US $ 32 million

9-Céline Dion: US $ 31 million

10-Britney Spears: US $ 30 million

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Discover the Top 10 of the world's highest paid singer in 2018

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