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death of Beth Carvalho, samba icon, at age 72

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Rio de Janeiro (AFP)

Brazilian singer Beth Carvalho, nicknamed "Madrinha do Samba", died on Tuesday of a widespread infection at age 72, the hospital announced in Rio de Janeiro, where she died.

"Our beloved Beth Carvalho died today (…), surrounded by the love of her family and friends," her agent Afonso Carvalho said in a statement.

With severe back problems, she has been in wheelchairs for the last few years.

"Beth leaves a legacy of incalculable value to Brazilian popular music and will be remembered for her struggle for the people and Brazilian culture," added her agent.

The serious voice of this muse of the traditional samba school Mangueira shook millions of Brazilian vibrators to the sound of its greater success, "Dust of the father".

"He was one of the biggest names in samba, a voice that sang with soul," Mangueira said in a message on the Instagram.

In her 50-year career, Beth Carvalho recorded 33 records.

In 2009, she received a Latin Grammy in Las Vegas for all her work and another in 2012 for her album "Nosso samba esta na rua", which marked her return to the stage. She had just spent 18 months in bed, already with back problems.

Engaged to the left, the Brazilian singer has participated, in recent years, in several shows in support of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, imprisoned for corruption for more than a year.

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