Culture: Death of Michel Sangaré


Malian culture lamented by the disappearance of Michel Sangaré. The famous Malian comedian died last Monday at Gabriel Touré Hospital in Bamako. According to his relatives, he died after a long struggle against the disease.

A renowned actor since 1978, Michel Sangaré has played in several theater groups and won several awards.

Graduated in Dramatic Art at the National Institute of Arts of Mali in 1984, Michel Sangaré began his comedy career well before.

In 1978, as an amateur comedian, he won the price of the best actor in biennale of the arts and the culture of Mali. After this consecration, in 1982, he joined the National Theater of Mali, SoNational Institute of the Arts of Bamako in 1984.

The actor was also a teacher. For many years, he shared his knowledge and theater experience with INA and the National Institute of Youth and Sports(INJS).

The one who had been a laughing star since The 80s, died last Monday at the Gabriel Touré Hospital at age 60, after a long illness.

Your relatives and friends will a final homage today to the church of Djelibougou, Bamako. Since the announcement of the disappearance of Michel Sangaré the reactions have multiplied.

ECONOMY: 12 billion for Mali

The National Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounting of Mali obtained last Wednesday, from investors operating in the financial market of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA) the sum of 22 billion CFA francs (about 37,400 million) at the end of its issue of 12-month Treasury bills (BAT).

The proposed amount was CFAF 20 billion (CFAF 1 equals $ 0.0017). But, the UMOA title agency listed at the end of the 39,584 billion FCFA edition of global deals.

This gives a coverage rate of the proposed amount of proposals by 197.92%. On the number of bids, the Mali Public Treasury retained 22 billion CFA francs and rejected 17,584 billion CFA francs, an absorption rate of 55.58%. The weighted average rate is 5.96% and the marginal interest rate is 6.24%.

Only three countries (Burkina, Mali and Senegal) from eight in the WAEMU area participated in the program. Senegal has the largest amount of offers (12,001 billion), followed respectively by Burkina (6 billion) and Mali (3.999 billion).

The issuer agreed to pay the bonds issued on the first business day after the date of expiration of January 15, 2020. As for the payment of interest, it will be made in advance and prepaid on the nominal value of the subscription bonuses established in one million of FCFA.




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