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Couverture 4G: Free Mobile couvre finally 94% of the population francaise

Free Mobile continue as long as you barely cover the population in 4G. 'New Deal Mobile' by 'Arcep, l'opérateur is normal at 94% of couverture and credit card for Orange, Bouygues Telecom et SFR. This is also a good thing to do with a 96% couverture promise at the end of the year.

Free Mobile 4G

All of the operators on the offer of a 4G service on a mobile show in France metropolitan France proclaim. In fact, there are existing sites, and I have to buy something that is currently being used only on 2G and / or 3G to pass through a mobile debt. Selon le dernier rapport de l'Arcep sur la couverture des différents opérateurs, Free mobile There are 12506 websites in 4G sur 15117 au 30 juin de cette année, soit 83%. The taux is at your fingertips for your self-employed. As for the population's cover, Free is the most continuing trajectory of réduire l'écart sur ses concurrents.

Free Mobile: 94% of the population covers 4G, Orange, Bouygues and SFR 99%

Thomas Reynaud, general manager of Illy promises to make it Free Mobile at least 96% of the coupon of 4G of December 2019. The last person to have to promise the maintenance of his debts after his debut 'annee. Avec 94% couverture à la fin du mois de juin, the progression of the point between the premier and the deuxième quarter of cette année. Free Mobile couvrait 93% of the population d'après le precécent rapport de l'Arcep.

This is the fort that seems to have a couverture actuel tourne autour of 95%, in attendance of decoupling the horns of the quarter quarter in the coming weeks, pukes the fourth quarter of March 2020. This is the moment in the moment qu'on saura qui l'opérateur a réussi à honorer son engagent, has been rapprocher of 3 points des 99% of couverture d'Orange, Bouygues Télécom et SFR.

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If you advance slowly on the cover plan, Free Mobile proposes further a better quality of service for an autre rapport by L'Arcep. The l'opérateur offre in effet a meilleur debit and a réseau plus stable compared to l'année dernière. This is notably thanks to the improvement of the couverture, plus the debits in 4G ++ thanks to the modulation of the amplitude in quadrature (256 QAM).

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