Saturday , July 31 2021

Bougane Gueye and “Geum Sa Bopp” separate.

The reaction of the president of the “Geum Sa Bopp” movement, Bougane Gueye, did not take long to happen after the appointment of Idrissa Seck as the head of the economic, social and environmental council (CESE).

Reaffirming his anchor in the Senegalese political opposition, the president of “Geum Sa Bopp” has completely distinguished himself from the position of the president of the 2019 coalition Idy, which he adhered to during the last presidential elections …

The Gueum Sa Bopp movement, deeply rooted in the opposition in 2019, continues to harbor a strong vision and an unwavering desire to provide adequate solutions to Senegal’s problems.

With the whims of sponsorship, Gueum Sa Bopp founded Coalition Idy 2019, one of the opposition’s candidates.

Like all Senegalese, Gueum Sa Bopp has just learned of the appointment of the president of Coalition Idy 2019 at the head of the EESC and some of its members in the new government.

In line with the fundamental principles and values ​​of our movement, and true to its mission, Gueum Sa Bopp stands out from the decisions of the 2019 Idy Coalition and strongly reaffirms its adhesion to the opposition.

Gueum Sa Bopp remains committed to the side of the Senegalese people to tackle the crucial and recurring economic and social problems they face today.

Together for a better Senegal and leaders of values.


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