Boeing invests in supersonic Aerion


February 5 (Reuters) – Boeing announced Tuesday
has made a "significant investment" in Aerion,
manufacturer of supersonic aircraft, while the group
the United States seeks to take advantage of the growing demand for
high-end executive jets to reduce
hard flights.

The action of the world's largest aerospace manufacturer, which
opened above $ 400 for the first time, has touch
a peak of $ 407.48 on Wall Street Tuesday. The Boeing title
took 2.56% 407.18 dollars around 17:55 GMT, signing the most
a sharp increase in the Dow Jones (+ 0.24%).

In a statement, the Seattle group says that
provide engineering, production and testing services to
flights to Aerion supersonic aircraft, a 120
million (€ 105 million).

This plane, called Aerion AS2, whose first flight is planned
in 2023, it can reach 1.4 mach, or 1,715 km / hour, a
70% faster than conventional executive jets.

The financial terms of this agreement were not disclosed.

Aerion, Boom Supersonic and Spike Aerospace, start-ups
Americans, seek to relaunch commercial flights
for the first time since the withdrawal of the
Agree in 2003.

So far, these projects have met with respect
standards in terms of noise due to engine restrictions
but Aerion said in October that its aircraft could
comply with regulations in the United States.

General Electric's GE Aviation division announced
have completed the first phase of the new engine design
Affinity, which will be used on Aerion AS2.

Honeywell Aerospace indicated that it would
AS2 cockpit.
(Ankit Ajmera and Rama Venkat Bangalore
Catherine Mallebay-Vacator for the French service, said
Bertrand Boucey)


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