Between Waly Seck and the fighters, who really shocks? (By Serigne Babacar Dieng)


If there is a controversial artist in the country of Teranga, it is Waly Seck, the Faramareen who had a tremendous success, even rivaling Youssou Ndour, the king of Mbalakh. Invited by rapper Dof Ndeye, wearing a transparent underwear, the son of Thione Ballago Seck received grouped shots of some Senegalese and still Balla Gaye 2, Modou Lo, Eumeu Sene and others are displayed in naked torsos in the arena in front of thousands of spectators, apparently this does not seem to shock society.

Since Waly Seck's spectacular rise, his detractors still cling to his dressing, as much disapproval as the fighters appear naked in his torso as if the company endorsed his "clothing" in the arena and not Faramareen's in a concert, which it seems a ruthlessness that does not say his name.

And if we define the males' dress by the religion that inculcates the man to hide his belly button below the knees, will the fighters return to the arena only with their Ngemb revealing their pecs? , biceps and mountains of muscles that can offend the sensitivity of some women?

So why when Waly Seck came on stage with his outfit at a show, everyone criticized his act and rapper Nitdoff in all this, one who perfectly mimics the American rapper Fifty Cent shirtless as a gangster, is a special case, not is fair in the end. You have to read some comments on social networks to realize that Waly Seck is a victim of his success that bothers many people.

Between a singer wearing an underwear at a show and a fighter who practically does not wear clothes in the arena, who really collides?

Even so, Waly Seck had to carry a woman's bag badly, but for this underwear story, there's nothing to whip a cat …

Ultimately, the son of Thione Ballago Seck will go through all sorts of attacks during his successful career in the world, yes, it is the inevitability of Show-biz in Senegal, but as we say in Wolof "Siw dou diami Borom." ..

Serigne Babacar Dieng


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