Baye Demba Sow perpetuates the teachings of Sheikh Ibra Fall


Jazbul Mouride or the attraction of the Mourides at the service of spiritual guides, is this collection of Mame Cheikh Ibrahima Fall that Demba Sow, writer had the pleasure of translating in the French, Arabic and English languages ​​to perpetuate the teachings. of the "Baye Fall" guide.
Rich in Sufism or a sense of spiritual and moral elevation, the book evokes several themes, including prayer, fasting, citizenship, among others.
For the author who is none other than the son of the famous writer Aminata Sow Fall, it is the philosophy of the Sheikh that he wanted, through the book, to understand the new generation. "Any cultural practice deprived of its meaning becomes a must," he said to reinforce his commitment to expand the sheik's knowledge.
Fervent disciple of Sheikh Ndiguel Fall, son of Sheikh Ibrahima Fall, Baye Demba Sow, in addition to attesting to the blessing of his guide, has better benefited from his sensitivity to materialize the work.
The author of the translation of "Jazbul Mouride" studied linguistic science which made it easier for him to write the book.


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