Friday , May 14 2021

Batman: The Dark Knight and Catwoman alliance confirmed thanks to these new photos taken?

According to the new photos, the relationship and alliance between Batman and Catwoman must be at the heart of the plot of the Matt Reeves film.

Winks to Mr. Freeze, motorcycle chase scene, details about Gotham City … a few weeks ago, several photos from the shooting of Batman revealed new information about the plot of the film. Clues that also had enough to pique our curiosity, while unpublished photos taken on the set in Chicago showed last week, Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) and batman (Robert Pattinson) riding new motorcycles side by side. What to ask if the two characters were ultimately not allies in the film, the first trailer revealed having, however, indicated the presence of a fight scene between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne.

Your alliance would eventually come as no surprise in the Matt Reeves. With many DC comics portraying the collaboration of Catwoman and Batman, it wouldn’t be surprising if the director chose to get them to work together to solve the Mysterious Man’s crimes. If, however, it is necessary to wait for confirmation from the studios, or the transmission of a new trailer to be sure, it still seems that the cooperation of feline Selina and Gotham’s dark masked vigilante is at the heart of the plot, the rumor that even Catwoman can become the Batman’s love interest.

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