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Barcelona v Levante Match Preview, 17/01/2019, Copa del Rey

Barça-Levante 3-0, with a gala Dembele, Barça tipped Levante

Barça managed to recover their goal of delay in the Cup. At home, and with what appeared to be a typical team, the Blaugrana won by 3×0.

1/8 of the final round of the King's Cup
Barcelona-Levante: 3 to 0
Dembelé (30th, 31st), Messi (54th)

FC Barcelona will be in the quarterfinals of the King's Cup. In unfavorable moves after losing the first match, the Catalan team easily turned the tide in the second stage. In front of its public and with a titular team composed this time of confirmed players, the leader of Liga took the Levant with a victory by three goals of difference. A great success whose main craftsman was a Frenchman.

For the first time, it is not Messi who took out all the light during a training launch in Barcelona. It is certain that the Argentine scored (54), offered a decisive pass and repeatedly used the goalkeeper's opponent (25 and 39), but the star was stolen by his teammate Ousmane Dembele. The latter confirmed his beautiful form of the moment, marking a double.

Positioned on the right side of the attack, the French international has been extremely active in this part. Very busy, he knew every hour to stand out, make the right calls and be menacing. In the half hour of the game, and while his team struggled to force the Levante blockade, including Vidal's unconverted attempts (23 and 27), he found the flaw appearing quickly at the penalty point. Although he has enjoyed a little success in this achievement, but that does not detract from his merit. And this was even more consequential during the action that followed with a second goal signed after a flick in the goalkeeper.

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Dembelé almost tripled

Left on the ground until the 77th, the former Rennes remained a constant danger to the visitors. At 73 minutes, he came close to offering a hat-trick. He has not gone to the bottom and his 13th goal of the season will wait. However, he can be very proud of his performance and the season in general. Despite his poor bad behavior, he managed to be decisive every 101 minutes. He definitely does not suffer any more from a comparison with his two accomplices in the attack.

Barça finally won 3-0. The Catalans proceeded, and with a little more precision in the last gesture, they could have signed a box. Philippe Coutinho (45th and 62nd) went up against the Levante goalkeeper twice, while Suárez failed to move easily in the 77th minute. It is not enough to feed regrets, however. The win was won and, unless there is bad news coming from La Liga, the Valverde team will continue to defend its title.

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