Away with the Elephants "at the moment, I'm in a club", answers Salomon Kalou –


Serge Alain Koffi

Ivorian striker Salomon Kalou, who has not appeared in the squad since November 11, 2017, has suggested the possibility of retiring internationally during a broadcast broadcast on national television (RTI) on Sunday.

"For the time being, I'm in a club.I also think there is a new generation that is rising in the selection.Some young people should have the chance to show that they have value.And I as an older and older brother, we can only supervise them, "he said.

The Hertha Berlin member has not appeared in the national team since November 11, 2017, during a 0-2 loss to Abidjan against the Moroccans in the 2018 World Cup qualifier.

He asked about the crisis that shook Ivorian football for many months. A group of club leaders tried unsuccessfully to have the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF) organize an extraordinary general assembly to dismiss Sidy Diallo, the club's president.

"We have to stop unnecessary fights. I do not see how all this benefits Ivorian football," said the second-highest scorer in the history of the Elephants, saying for the first time the turbulence that led FIFA to carry out a mission. good offices between the IFF and these club leaders.

Salomon Kalou's comments reveal his support for Sidy Diallo, the current tenant of the glass house in Treichville.

"I think that when you put an authority in place, you have to let that authority work, we should not try to put a bolt on the wheel, we have to let people work now, if there's a next election, we try to correct that if we do not agree. , he concluded in this chapter.


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