Artificial Intelligence composed the end of Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony"


A Chinese smartphone maker is proud to have written nothing less than the end of Franz Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony." A second part of the work we owe to artificial intelligence algorithms, but whose musical qualities are questionable.

Simple as a phone call. Completing a masterpiece did not require much more talent than that of a smartphone! A Chinese manufacturer whose name will be ignored is proud to have composed no less than the last two moves of Franz Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony." Your secret: artificial intelligence.

We already knew the machine capable of creating from arrangements of melodies of a certain style. But completing incomplete work was still a technological challenge. And yet, it's a "simple" smart phone that has managed to overcome it. As? Wet his algorithms with a hundred scores composed by Schubert himself.

An applied copyist

With this preferred raw material, the Chinese cell phone was able to identify the main sources and thus put it to good use in their own composition work. Mimetic work – instead of plagiarism – revealed the result six months later for the less confused.

After being selected by a composer of flesh and blood – Lucas Cantor, author of the official theme song for the Salt Lake City Olympics – the best proposals were revealed to the world at a concert at London's Cadogan Hall in London. the Chelsea neighborhood. And of the nearly 500 journalists present, the least we can say is that the reactions were mixed.

Vincent Agrech, musical critic of Diapason magazine, soberly understands that "the result leaves a puzzled"… According to experts," work "would be more of the soundtrack of the video game than the classic work that should complete.

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An enchanted composer

Lucas Cantor – the second to work on this project – on the other hand does not dry up compliments about the experience of collaboration with the machine that was offered to live:I hope that of course is not the last time [que je travaille avec une intelligence artificielle], it was fantastic. In a few years, I do not think it's unusual to compose music that way".

What would suffocate the equally lyrical speech of the Chinese manufacturer, for whom "Artificial Intelligence Can Do More for Humanity"and who assures, without hesitation, that:This is just the beginning."The beginning of the end, perhaps, for composers and music? Not so simple, according to music lovers … At least not so much … as a phone call!


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