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Apple TV + compterait 100 millions abonnés dès 2020, Netflix peut trembler

Apple TV + séduirait 100 million d´abonnés en an, estancia by Barclays financial analysts. Thanks to the free of charge, Apple parvendrait in effet to gonfler the croissance of VOD son service parcels. In the years to come, the plate is pouring out of it with a concurrent tailor for Netflix, and the croissance is slowing down.

apple tv plus 100 million abonnés 2020 netflix trembler

As the rapper in the CNBC confreres, Barclays analysts did not talk about Apple TV +, or the Apple Streaming Streaming service. After a rapport yielded to the public on October 17, the experts estimate that the VOD's report came to the attention of 100 million people in a space.

Apple TV + va-t-il quickly rattraper Netflix et ses 158 million d'abonnés?

Les analystes appuient leurs estimates sur l'offre gratuite proposée by Apple. Well done to a plus on a plus marché, Apple off about a free grant for something else on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or a MacBook. Selon Barclays, Apple will sell 220 million of terminable compatibles with the free charge of the Année à venir. «Our supposons who send 50% of the app's appareil accept the free grant, which represents more than 100 million dans a year» explain le rapport.

'This period will last for some time, so that our estimates have diminished to the extent that the utilities have become unfavorable. Well, you know how much you want to spend on your glass with Apple Apple is the bibliothèque de contenus » met in garde Barclays. In a premier season, the catalog of Apple TV + s'annonce in effet bien plus pauvre which is the result of competition.

Barclays estimates that the service pourrait to come along with Netflix's égaler l'important parc d'abonnés, l'actuel leader du streaming. The VOD service americain compte actellement 158 ​​million d 'abonnés dans le monde. After calculations from Barclays, Apple poured on Talonner Netflix in the coming months. You have to depend on the products containing Apple and the Netflix croissant courbe.

Pour rappel, Apple TV + will be available from 12 Nov. 2019 on a pays poignée (États-Unis, Canada and Pays-Bas). The service is $ 4.99 per month. Is it enough for rivals with Netflix and its imposing catalog of series and films? On attend vote avis dans les commentaires.

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