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André Gomes pourra-t-il refer to the fracture of the cheville?

L'horrible image a fait le tour des réseaux sociaux. On November 3, Everton re-sent Tottenham for the 11th Premier League match. At the 78th minute, André Gomes sets out to drive the ballet with the most gauzy man who is balancing with a son of the Son, who has been pied droit (with a cou-de-pied level) without being shocked. Gomes los donc l'équilibre et tipe to the ground more pendant sa kick son pied droit reste planté au sol. What's up, that's the drame! Sa cheville droite a quitté sa position normale et part à contre-sens. These images are horrible and traumatic because of their joueurs' proclamations of the Portuguese international, which douleur hurts to the sun. Quelques heures plus tard, le verdict fall: cheville fracture droite avec dislocation.

What's this about a cheville fracture with dislocation?

'A cheville fracture is simply simplified when one or more of the cheville's become broken. In the case of Gomes, the semblerit that the Tibia and the fibula (aussi appelé perfoné, which is situated in the context of the jambe, ndlr) is now in touch and the other talus (the essentials which are sert pivot pour étendre or fléchir la cheville, ndlr). On the basis of antigen and ligament ligaments of the fibula fibulaire, the deltoid ligament and the interosseous ligament on sans doute aussi été endommagés. For the sake of location, for the sake of simplicity, which is when they fall apart from the articulation », explain Song Chourp, kinésithérapeute du sport and expert in chiropody.

Ce genre de blessures spectaculaires restent assez rar. Newly, on a basketier Gordon Hayward will be blessed with a similant blessing of a reception (Oct. 2017) and a foot, Grégory Coupet, on Nov 2009, s'était a fracture la cheville, seoul, sur kute semblable à celle de Gomes. 'Cheville lesions break when contralateral or pressure exerted by the absorption capacity of those tissues. And the faut savoir which is the level of the tissue, the yarn and the bones which the parallels and the great force is exercising perpendicularly and non-parallely to the thighs, all the more the risk of fracture is élévé », prerequisite Song Chourp.

In addition to the horrific côté de cette blessure, and with the cris of douleur d'André Gomes, where the marqué esprit des joueurs and the spectators have the scène. «The douleur is very intense and kind of blessing. In general, the precondition of antalgic drugs with the minimum code for the calmer immensely. For the suite, the gestures to the faire without the appeals and the rules of the zone or the blessing. Sauf intervention of a specialist, or in the future by the blessing or part of the endommagee partner who is likely to cause a fracture or leak with the infection or compression of the tart art. To the contrary, it is important to test the blessings for the savory and the evolvement of an internal haemorrhage and also the touch touch-up for the tester and the savers and the nerfs on the touch or not. It is also important to ask your questions about the blood group, its allergies and its medical history and its blessings, it is difficult to see and learn about its information », indicate Song Chourp. From the videos around the societal reserves, or through a 'doctor', I refer to the place of Cheville and Andre Gomes in an ambulance. Aucune source ne peut confirmer qu'il s'agissait bien d'André Gomes mais medecin americain Brian Sutterer explain sur sa chaîne Youtube qu'il faut effectivement chercher «To replace them with the good alignment of the operation».

André Gomes aurait-il pu éviter cette blessure?

As a result of the lire, a fracture of the cheville and the general product of the suite of a violent shock and inevitable souvent. Even if the kick d 'Andre Gomes is a maladroite (le pied droit qui reste planté au sol pendant sa chute), l'international portugal pouvait-il vraiment éviter sa terrible blessure? Pour Song Chourp, probablement pas: 'Vu l'action, je ne think pas Gomes aurait pu éviter cette blessure. Me avec beaucoup de travail de proprioception (ensemble d'exercices qui permettent d'améliorer sa conscience de sa position et des mouvements de son corps dans l'espace, ndlr) au quotidien! In the next case, we have a couple of people who are interned at Gomes. These people are not likely to be regulators and even the same as coaches, personals and physiotherapists. Donc pour ma part, je think tout simplement that is an accident and qu'il not my chance. For a sport that has a dimanche that is forcibly hygienic and a pre-prepared physique optimal, the risks of making a blessing of the type and more. Muscle enhancement, notably in the lower limbs, but do not recommend to preempt blessings on the basis of the fact that the tissues will be strengthened when they are only regulated or stressed. »

Comment traiter a cheville fracture?

Operator of the blessing leader, André Gomes is arrested in charge quickly. This is the genre of the protocole recommandé après genre de blessure comme nous le détaille Song Chourp: «Making a radiograph in urgency is indispensable for the knowledge of those on fractures or luxuries. Just for the blessing, an MRI to complicate me with the douleur, the blessing risked by beaucoup bouger and ce serait inefficace. In connection with the end of the fracture, the pouring of the same to determine which part of the anatomy or the nerf is touch. » For the suite, with two options without the general privileges: only an orthopedic treatment, only a chirurgical treatment, which generally consists of a fracture for vise or brochage. Trois jours après avoir été opéré avec succès, André Gomes a posté une video sur son compte Instagram pour annoncer qu'il était retourné chez lui et qu'il allait bien. Three jours, this is generally the temps necessary for hospitalization. For the reeducation, to the contrary, to the beaucoup plus of temps. «About an operation of the type, the subject of the pouring into a certain pendant», annonce Song Chourp. In general, the environment has 3 more immobilization, a board or an attorney, so that it can be remarked normally and commenced with the transformation, which will be progressive.

But what about the cheville fracture?

With a club duo commune, «L'opération d'André Gomes are bien passée and the devrait retrograde the totality of these moyens physiques». A partisan par Song Chourp: 'Selon moi, André Gomes pourra rejouer et même retrouver son meilleur niveau. Even if it is impossible for the tester to be accurate with the duration of convalescence without the diagnostic diagnosis, the environment will last 8 to 12 months to revoke the blessing. Just think about the revival of the earths from September 2020. » Pour sa part, Grégory Coupet avait dejoué the pronostics enjouant seulement 5 moos a la fracture de la cheville tandis that Marco Silva, the entreîneur d'Everton, the indication that it is possible to revour André Gomes sur les pelotas ahead from saison. This is the absolute path for the convalescence periods which are most important, as the blessing will pass for a period of complication to the mentally oriented manager.

Remettre mentalement d'une blessure traumatizing

In addition, it is the work that has been done on a daily basis in the area of ​​bodybuilding for the reconstruction, which is essentially essential for the preparation of a retreat to the earth that will concern the mental view. Comment if remet-on mentalement d'une blessure aussi traumatisante? Comment surpasser sa peur de blesser de nouveau? There are plusieurs techniques. Certains will not appeal to coaches, to hypnothérapeutes when d 'autres will not fly to psychologists. But the pouring in convalescence is faire and the blessing of that blessing and debating the trauma of her phobie of blessing. The fact that the amateur, profession or profession, has a blessing in need of more moons than arresters will have more and more unqualified phases (with the name of the two stages) as the frustration, the frustration, the peer, the depression. , the more sadness of the acceptance and the renouveau. As far as the phobie of blessing is concerned, there are neurolinguistic programming techniques such as swish or double dissociation Visuel-Kinesthésique which has plonger l'athlète as a state of modifiable awareness (hypnosis) in order to remix phobique ( pour André Gomes, who cheville who leaves at the moment) for an autre image or the fin est plus heureuse (a sans blessure kick for example).

By the way André Gomes, the bra of these proces and the fans have a beaucoup fait of bien et l'aide with the shock. Savoir s'entourer et essayer de pas pasurs'isoler auxes en el créux éléments pour la coup a serious blessing and progressively increasing confidence. Almost all of them, journeys to journeys, the terrible fracture of the cheville, the basketteur Gordon Hayward and the record of the points in the career and the retribution of my family. That's why you pour André Gomes!

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