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An Alpha Blondy outfit on stage sparks controversy (video)

Presented as one of the essential figures of African reggae, Alpha Blondy took over the microphone as soon as he returned from the pilgrimage to Mecca. On Tuesday night, the singer posted a photo on his Facebook page where we see him onstage with a jacket and a Mecca turban on his head. An image that has made many social networks react.

But what has especially aroused controversy is the " Jerusalem I love you This he interpreted. A tube that, according to many music lovers, has nothing to do with the Muslim religion. Since then, the video has recorded reviews on the web, mainly on Facebook. Abdoul Aziz Kaboré, a surfer, also suggested that Alpha Blondy stop singing because he returns from Mecca " In my opinion, I think you should stop singing when you come back from Mecca Alpha » he fell.

In mid-October, Alpha Blondy had the heavy responsibility of illuminating the African night of the Parc de la Pépinière in Nancy (eastern France). A challenge that could not intimidate this brave defender of planetary injustices. At age 65, he is still a militant, but the experience of a hectic life has calmed his words.

He now seeks harmony in an assumed spirituality and leisurely repeats his vow of international peace. As such, his latest album, Human race, is an invitation to a cordial understanding among the peoples of the world. He even adapts a classic rock from British band Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Loveto express your desire for a universal love.

On November 16, Alpha Blondy will perform at the Bataclan in Paris, the theater that cruelly entered the history of France. He is preparing with faith and confidence for this meeting, which he expects to be serene and collective. When posing with a Mecca turban and singing " Jerusalem I love you Is not this desire to express the desire to bring peace and understanding back to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples?

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Music: Alpha Blondy's clothes on stage sparks controversy (video)

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