Tuesday , March 2 2021

An air of the countryside blows in the diaries

DAKAR, Jan. 31 (APS) – This Thursday's morning press release deals mainly with the latest election alliances, including Malick Gackou's meeting of the Grand Party with the candidacy of former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck.

"Gakou joins Idy", for example, the newspaper Le Quotidien, according to which the leader of the Great Party "was pushed by his militants in the arms of Idrissa Seck, the latter hoping to" see others following the same example. "

"Your choice is made," also notes The Observer about Malick Gakou's support for Idrissa Seck as part of a coalition called "Forces Vives." "We share with President Idrissa Seck the same ideal for a patriotic and democratic Senegal," he explains on the front page of L & # 39; Observateur.

In the same way, Khalifa Sall votes for Idrissa Seck, according to Sud Quotidien. "Some relatives of Khalifa Sall confirm" this information, "others await the ECOWAS decision" on the appeal against the invalidation of their leader's candidacy, reports the newspaper.

Khalifa Sall "would have decided to support Idrissa Seck's candidacy for the February 24 presidential election," Sud Quotidien writes, citing "reliable and generally well-informed sources."

According to the newspaper, the former mayor of Dakar "is not the only one to choose the former prime minister" and leader of the Rewmi party, since the FSD / BJ Cheikh Bamba Dièye "would also bet on the president of the county council of Thiès ".

Meanwhile, Vox Populi reports, "negotiations" remain in Paris around Me Abdoulaye Wade "in favor" of the leader of Rewmi, who was the number two of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), the formation of the former president of which the candidate, Karim Wade, his son, was recalibrated.

"Last candidate maneuvers" 72 hours from the start of the election campaign, summarizes the daily witness, while the outgoing president "calls for a serene and supported debate of ideas," according to Le Soleil.

A welcome call when the establishment of electoral commissions puts a problem within the presidential movement, if we believe Walfiquidien.

In Tambacounda, for example, "Sidiki Kaba's choices led the deputy mayor" of the eastern capital to implement "their threats by setting up a parallel electoral committee on Wednesday, even in the suburbs of Thiaroye, Pikine, Keur Massar and plots of land where officers declare war on Amadou Bâ ", reports Walfquididien.

Prospects for the election campaign, however, do not bypass all topics, including the inauguration of the renovated administrative building, which now has a 10th floor, "more than 100 rooms, nine meeting rooms", with consumption of energy "reduced by 50%", Le Soleil details.

He added that the infrastructure now bears the name of former Council Chairman Mamadou Day, reminded God in 2009, "a model of commitment, rigor and probity." "Say no more Administrative Building, but Building Mamadou Day!", Displays Daily Witness.

The newspapers are competing to describe President Sall's decision to baptize the administrative building called Mamadou Dia. "Macky Sall immortalizes Mamadou Day" (Southern Diary), "Mamadou Day Raised" (The Daily), "Macky returns to Mado the entire his greatness "(The Observer).

Mamadou Dia, President of the Senegal Council from 1957 to 1962, "is recognized as the inspirer of modern Senegal's administrative architecture, he initiated" courageous administrative reforms, supported by our economic, social, but also cultural realities, "we read in the columns of the sun.

Other newspapers do not fail to notice that President Sall, while honoring Mamadou Dia, "Zappe Wade", his mentor and predecessor ahead of Senegal. Hence this Tribune stick "Macky, the great gap between Day and Wade", with subtitle: "The maodo installed, the pope of Sopi cleared."

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