Amaral punishes the power of Ouattara and proclaims Gbagbo's return to power


Always faithful to his line, Amaral has just released a new title in which he severely criticizes the power of Ouattara. The unfulfilled promises of the regime for five years, he laments, finally convinced him that power in place "lied." A disappointment according to him that convinces him that Gbagbo is going and must return.

Artist Zouglou inscribing himself in the complaint and the conscientization, Amaral expressed his disappointment with the power of commitments that would not be fulfilled. In a single entitled "They Lied," Zouglouman spreads what he called the power limits in place. "It is in front of me that they said that when they are in power, they will create one million jobs for young people, five universities in just five years. School and childbirth will be free, but it's been almost five years since their promise was zero ", we can hear them in the first verse of this single whose spread is a great debate.

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Without using a glove, manufacturer Zouglou claims that "they lied." Because, to believe, "the emergence is good, it's true and the country becomes beautiful, but we're hungry." For him, while he firmly believed in "the solution and that the priority would be the employment of young people and the improvement of the way of life of the Ivorians," Amaral de Afrik will regret that "unemployment remained our most faithful friend." So decide "they lied to us".

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More seriously, the artist admits that his disappointment at the time of the "Refonders" will be less with the arrival of the power of "emergency". Because for ten years "the emergence" will have sold that of illusion. Convinced that the power in force has failed, Amaral announces the return of the most famous prisoner. "He will come back, he should come back," he says, justifying that this return will bring a new momentum to the country. "For unity in my country, so that the Ivorians will be reconciled, he will return," insists on the last verse of this 3:51 song.

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Compared to Soum Bill for his voice, Amaral is the author of two hit singles, including "Take Away" and "Leave My Game." As part of Zouglou's new generation of popular artists, Amaral is often compared to reggae artist Tiken Jah for his lyrics, which are often very critical of the ruling power.

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