Aliou Sall must file a complaint against El Hadji Hamidou Kasse (By Thierno Bocoum)


The issue of the $ 250,000 that would be transferred to Agritrans's accounts can be quickly elucidated without being forced to wait for the outcome of the promoter's catch-all investigation into the management of our natural resources. .

1- El Hadji Hamidou Kassé, who claimed to have the information that this $ 250,000 amount had been transferred to Agritrans accounts, should be able to provide evidence for the national and international view of his claims.

2. Aliou Sall, who wants to wash his honor, should be able to lodge a complaint against El Hadji Hamidou Kassé to summon the latter to justify his claims.
He also has the opportunity to publish the accounts of his company in the context of the judgment so that the status of debits and credits can clarify the opinion on the transfer or not of this sum.

3 – The Public Prosecutor must be able to seize this issue and remove it from the notion of "investigation of allegations and other denunciations related to the management of petroleum contracts".
It is a matter of corruption alleged by various channels that could be elucidated by it, comparing the different statements with the material elements that will be available during the investigation.

This issue can therefore be dealt with quickly, without it being a deviation that isolates us from other fundamental questions related to the nebulous management of the state contracts with Petro-Tim.

Thierno Bocoum


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