Alert Citizen # 2: Do not touch Ousmane SONKO (by Boubacar Camara)


Yesterday, in Saint-Louis, blood flowed, that of four patriots. Your only mistake: support Ousmane
SONKO, a presidential candidate.
Insults, destruction of property, siege attack and now machete blow to destroy the supporters of SONKO. Complaints without follow-up because they emanate from a disturbing candidate,
a candidate who gives bad conscience to the parasitic political elite, a candidate of the real
a candidate endorsed by "Marrons du Feu".
The brown fire of the Macky regime, after burning the hope of a better life for the people
Senegal, attacks those who defend them and wants to offer them a credible alternative.
After leaving them defenseless in difficult living conditions in all sectors:
education, health, safety, agriculture, breeding, fishing, handicrafts, habitat, daily life, etc.
Macky SALL's scheme tries, through physical violence, to deprive them of the leaders they deserve.
What can be attributed to Ousmane SONKO? Perhaps:
– be a pure product of Senegal in its diversity;
– have been trained in our daaras and in our public school;
– have done brilliant studies, including at the National School of Management (ENA)
where did you leave the promotion department;
– have honestly sensitive positions in the prestigious
– have boldly led a union that has achieved memorable achievements for its
– getting involved in politics in the opposition;
– have been elected members of Parliament and acted with dignity as the representative of the
– have not occupied any position that is usurped or undeserved;
– have emphasized the plague of Senegal: the sacking of our natural resources
including oil and gas;
– denounce the involvement of the presidential family in public affairs;
– have been unjustly removed from the public service;
– to have rejected his vision through a book "Solutions";
– have developed an ambitious, coherent and innovative program for the development of
harmony of Senegal;
– be a serious candidate for the Presidency of the Republic;
– Not being the character we wanted to portray, inventing all kinds of
false scandals;
– to be loved and respected by the Senegalese;
– to constitute the hope of youth;
– be feared by the torturers of the Republic;
Come on, be reasonable. Accept the facts.
We know that the mere idea of ​​SONKO's presence in the second round haunts
The outgoing and loser candidate Macky SALL, however, the day he gives the impression of having already won.
The Macky SALL diet is free to absorb transhumants, to "bleach" them, but
let our opponents brave and worthy, safe and sound.
Democrats and human rights defenders should follow closely
of the regime towards SONKO.
Building a seat belt around SONKO is a must, even for those who do not share
your ideas or your approach.
I call on all Democrats to sleep with one eye, the other
permanently open, watch SONKO, that he is not forgotten in his prayers lest he
Our candidate's hair is not touched.

Boubacar Camara
SONKO Campaign Supervisor
Done at Dakar, Tuesday, 5 February 2019.

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