After the success of the Dadju concert at the Palais des Sports: Momo de Paris donates to Amaldème


As usual, Momo de Paris made her heart speak again. The young entrepreneur, Mohamed Lamine Sangaré, promoter of the "Momo Uno" brand, made a donation Thursday to the residents of the center of the mentally ill "Amaldème" of Lafiabougou in commune IV of the district of Bamako.

He promised, he did it! In an interview he gave us at the concert of the French international artist Dadju, held on December 24, the young businessman, Mohamed Lamine Sangaré aka Momo of Paris and no less the promise of the brand "Momo Uno" had promised to pay part of the proceeds of the concert to the Amaledema orphanage of Lafiabougou in commune IV of Bamako district. A promise he honored on December 27, 2018, at a donation ceremony at the Orphanage.

The donation was made in the presence of the former mayor of commune IV and former Prime Minister Moussa Mara, the director of the orphanage, Yasmine Sanogo, and of course the donor, Mohamed Lamine Sangare, accompanied by several members of his family and his contributors. He also noticed the remarkable presence of Miss. Ortm France Mali 2019. This donation consisted, among other things, of 40 sacks of rice, 10 sacks of sugar, cans of oil, boxes of milk and biscuits, school supplies. as well as a sum of five hundred thousand CFA francs (500,000 CFA francs).

A gesture praised by its fair value by director Yasmine Sanogo, who hopes to see other clients follow the example of Momo de Paris: "My sincere thanks to Momo de Paris for this gesture.I have no words to thank you because the words are not strong enough to tell you all the good he does to the orphanage with this gift.He just pleased us and the children of Amaldème.I wish Momo and his friends succeed in their endeavors.I ask others to follow the example of this gentleman with a good heart "Yasmine suggested.

For his part, Momo de Paris is happy to have honored his promise and hopes to continue giving a smile to the orphans and the destitute. "Many times it is said that the promise is a debt.Two years ago, when I was here at Amadème, I was touched by the conditions in which the children lived.I promised then that they would come back to donate in the future and that is it.I hope to continue to give a smile to the orphans and the poor inchallah "he told us.

Youssouf KONE

Source: The Witness


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