Sunday , February 28 2021

Actor Dick Miller leaves trays

He played in about twenty Roger Corman films, but his memory continues to be more closely associated with filmmaker Joe Dante: actor Dick Miller, the eternal figure of the American B-series, square chin, thin lips and worried eyes in a wrinkled face. , a police officer, a helicopter pilot, a pizza delivery man, a maintenance agent, a bookseller or a scavenger, a small American, died on Wednesday at the age of 90. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the comedian died of natural causes, surrounded by his own, in California.

Born in New York in the Bronx in 1928, this son of Russian immigrants multiplies his odd jobs, from Broadway councils to Bellevue Hospital corridors, to Columbia University, where he studies psychopath, and a tour of the Navy. In 1952, he moved to California. He meets Roger Corman, for whom he makes a first film, Apache woman. Dick Miller sets foot in the movie theater and the "Corman gang", of which he will become one of the most present collaborators.

It is with Dante, whom Corman set foot, that Dick Miller finds the role he is associated with in popular culture: Murray Futterman, the former fighter pilot of World War II, who became proletarian and harassed by the Gremlins (1984). This role is repeated over the next six years.

Joe Dante, "Devastated" reacted to the disappearance of Dick Miller on his Facebook page: "I grew up watching Dick Miller in 1950s movies. […] And I always looked in my scripts for a role for him. Not because we were friends, but because I enjoyed watching him play. "

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