Thursday , October 21 2021

ABB: a charging solution for electric buses


To complete its full range of sustainable public transport charging solutions, a flexible and automated pantograph was launched to enable the efficient operation of the electronic bus fleets.

Launched at the ITUP 2019 fair in Stockholm, Sweden, Panto Up is designed to provide a flexible, efficient and fully automated charging solution for large fleets of electric buses.

Panto Up allows you to load multiple buses at the same time overnight. This service also provides a power range of 150,600 kW for the & # 39; charge of opportunity & # 39; at bus stops during the day.

"Panto Up is a milestone in our effort to make automated charging a viable option for operators who want to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce costs and better control fleet performance." said Frank Muehlon, director of ABB's global EV charging infrastructure business.

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