Saturday , July 31 2021

a rare photo of her resurfaces, shirt open, we see everything!

Would Laeticia Hallyday be nostalgic these past few days? Johnny Hallyday’s widow goes to various television sets to promote the rocker’s new unpublished box. The opportunity for her to relive the last moments of her man’s life. So it makes perfect sense that she feels a little melancholy. But Laeticia Hallyday prefers to highlight joy through her memories, rather than insisting on absence and lack. Then, on her Instagram account, she shares a rare photo of herself that takes her years ago. A photo in which Laeticia Hallyday wears a sublime and very daring costume.

Laeticia Hallyday shares a photo of her, extremely beautiful

Laeticia Hallyday recently returned to television. On the set of C for you or that of Seven to eight, the mother of Jade and Joy spoke of Johnny Hallyday with emotions. In fact, this promotion period for the singer’s last box, almost three years after her death, must have been difficult for her. Tears in her eyes and a voice that was sometimes shaky, Laeticia Hallyday had to plunge back into the not-so-distant past. Because, for her, Johnny Hallyday is always close to her and always will be. Evoking her relationship with Pascal Balland, she even spoke of having the feeling of being in “a pair of threes”. It was impossible for her to put aside the great love of her life. To her, he was more than a husband. Laeticia Hallyday, therefore, will make a point of bringing your memory to life.

It may also be that this kind of consideration ended the romance with the Parisian restaurant owner. Indeed, Closer announced the separation of Laeticia Hallyday and Pascal Balland in their columns. Perhaps the remarks made about Johnny Hallyday have made him understand that he will never have the first place in his heart?

A memory in which we can admire it at (almost) all seams

In such a context, it was not surprising, then, that a few days later, the memories would collide with the present again. On her Instagram account, Laeticia Hallyday shared an image of her dating a few years ago. Obviously from the time when Johnny was still close to her. But what caught the attention of her fans was also the outfit that Jade and Joy’s mother wore in this photo. In fact, Laeticia Hallyday is simply sublime. Her blouse is unbuttoned and reveals her feminine forms in a suggestive way.


With nothing under the thin, open tank top, this image is likely to be commented on for a long time. But, as it is written in the photo by Laeticia Hallyday, it is really “a beautiful memory that resurfaces”. Absolutely superb, the rocker’s widow already knew how to pose. But your eyes and your smile say a lot about this old photograph. In fact, it will take more patience for the pain to no longer be read in your eyes.

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