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à nouveau in love, sa veuve Laeticia tourne définitivement la page

Pres d'un an and demi après la mort of Johnny Hallyday, sa veuve Laeticia is à nouveau in love. After a new story of the glamorous history of TPMP chroniqueurs, it is pointed out that Laeticia Hallyday is a finisher for the definitive tourner Johnny.

Celle who was part of Johnny Hallyday's life, a monument of the chanson after a marriage in 1996 to the touriser's page. Milk is unusual in the way it is with Pascal Balland and one of the disparities of Taulier. If Laeticia a droit de refaire sa vie, son choix divides the fans of son défunt mari. In addition to the fact that Laeticia Hallyday is performing in Paris for the preparaties of the proceedings of her family, Johnny, she is on her way to the Pascal Balland, the man who has decided to listen to her later by retourner sans lui, auprès des siens in California.

«It's a petit for your trop»

More cette nouvelle relation in love with Laeticia semble choquer les fans du taulier. Ces derniers lui reprochent d'afficher son good luck: «From l'afficher comme ça, au bout d'un an et demi, je trouve that c'est un petit peu trop tôt. […] Ça m'a choquée, partner who moi je suis veuve after four years, and je n'arrive pas à faire mon deuil. Donc j'aimerais bien qu'elle m'explique », the chairman of the club d'admirateurs of l'idole des jeunes, on the plateau of TPMP citée par Publics. 'No, there are no organisates of the Madeleine messes for 9 months. On a sans arrêt 1 000 people who want to sell to me and on understanding of the shores and the pas mûres » Let's have him argue.

«Elle oublie Johnny»

Johnny Hallyday's L'ouse of the Cyril Hanouna's Debate on the Plateau of Debate. By Gilles Verdez here, the debut is attained with attention Laeticia, the maintenance impression that has been made of the communication after the debut. «On your sa plus plus c'était vrai. And there, on the impression that she feels liberated from some of the other counterparts, who has redeveloped her peer, and who has coup, she wants, who oublie Johnny » t-il indicates if he is going to pass the fans of Johnny who has passed to the right and who thinks about the social partners. Contrairement à lui, Francesca Antoniotti, Gilles Verdez Collège trouve Laeticia plus humaine lorsqu'elle affiche sa nouvelle relation amoureuse.

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