60% of jobs are … in Asia


To find a job in renewable energy, it is best to go to Asia. The continent is responsible for 60% of jobs in the sector, according to the latest analysis published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on June 13, 2019.

39% of jobs in China

China alone accounts for 4.1 million jobs in renewable energy, accounting for 39% of the 11 million jobs in the industry identified for the year 2018 by IRENA. The sectors that employ the most in this country are photovoltaic solar energy (2.2 million jobs), solar thermal (670,000 jobs) and wind energy (510,000 jobs).

Emergency of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in photovoltaic energy

The concentration of jobs in Asia has increased with the arrival in the market of countries of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, which are positioned in photovoltaic panels. As a result, Asia accounts for almost 85% of global photovoltaic jobs (3 million jobs in 2018).

What about jobs in French companies headquartered in Asia?

The study does not specify the number of jobs in French companies in Asia. Since 2017, the Renewable Energy Union (SER) and ADEME have been promoting French renewable energy companies abroad. They published a map of their achievements. A good start to appreciate the dynamics of the export sector. By 2018, this platform registered 3,000 jobs in 44 countries, from 80 projects, including 7 in Asia. continued

Elodie Buzaud.

Article published June 19, 2019

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