59 movies that play RECIDAK 2019 (organizers)


Dakar, November 18 (APS) – A total of 59 films from 32 countries around the world will be presented at the Dakar Film Encounters (RECIDAK) scheduled for November 22-28 in the Senegalese capital. Organizers of APS.

Thirty foreign directors and twenty local directors will attend the event that will open on Wednesday at the Grand Theater in Dakar by Prime Minister Mouhammad Boun Abdallah Dionne, according to Baba Diop, chairman of RECIDAK's programming committee.

& Quot; RECIDAK is not a Senegalese-Senegalese festival. It was necessary to operate an opening on all continents through a very wide cinematography with several films, a diversified theme, "he explained in an interview with APS.

"We must break this bias that generally people who have not seen many African films call them a byproduct of world cinema. It is false," he said, saying that if that were the case, the continent would never have had Oscar.

"The film by Alain Gomis + Félicité + went to the Oscar, the most prominent + The salt and sugar train + the Mozambican Luciano Azevedo was there, as well as another South African production," said Diop.

"African cinema is a part of world cinema, enriched by its vision of the seventh art," said the art critic, who recalls that RECIDAK was an African festival "where all geographical areas are represented ".

Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone Africa, with renowned directors whose films have already proved their worth, are on the show. This is, for example, he informs, the film & # 39; & # 39; Great Kilapy & # 39; Angolan Zeze Gamboa, or & # 39; & # 39; The African Storm & # 39; & # 39; Beninese Sylvester Amoussou.

He also cites, among others, "The Rumor of the Water" by Tunisian director Taïeeb Louhichi, who has filmed several times in Senegal with portraits of Joe Ouakam, Oumou Sy.

Movies from India, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe, including Belgium and France, are in the program.

Three areas of interchange are foreseen in this section of the film: meetings, masters class serving as a framework for exchanges between the old and new generation, as well as other workshops.

The venues are the cinemas in Dakar, including the Ousmane Sembène complex of the Magic Land, the Olympia Channel and the theaters of the French Institute, Empire Cinema.

Outdoor sessions are planned by the organizers at Rufisque and Guédiawaye and at the Liberty 6 female prison.



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