Wednesday , June 23 2021

5 Photos: Kougheul: The most dangerous gang in the area stopped by the Gendarmerie

Léye, commander of the Koungheul gendarmerie brigade, supported by a squadron of the armored squadron, carried out on Friday night the Missirah Wadene, to the arrest of one of the eight people alleged a series of robberies and break-ins in the department.
Seized by Pandora, they had rifles with ammunition, hammers, machetes, and iron bars.

As a reminder, in the last two months, people in the department of Kougheul have been victims of various thefts or assaults by armed gangs in 4 × 4 vehicles.
Arrested in the Koungheul gendarmerie brigade, the gang will be presented to the prosecutor on charges of criminal association, robbery committed at nightly break-in.


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