Thursday , October 21 2021

360 ° Scores and a DLC Imagine Dragons for Beat Know!


On June 10, 2019, Beat Saber received their second paid package of additional songs. Totally dedicated to the pop-rock group Imagine Dragons, this one allows you to cut the blocks at the rate of 10 of your biggest pieces!

the index left by Studio Beat Games on this new package did not take long to decipher. The community quickly realized the similarity between the large index pixels and the cover of the Natural single from the Imagine Dragons group. It is now confirmed, the players of Hit saber who will pay the modest sum of 12.99 euros will enjoy 10 songs among the most famous of the group. It is also possible to buy each song individually for 1.99 euros. Here is the complete list:

Beat Saber: Imagine Dragons Music Pack

– Bad Liar
– Digital
– it's time
– Machine
– Natural
– Thunder
– Whatever it takes

But that's not all, as Beat Games also announced the arrival of the first 360 ° partitions, with blocks that can happen everywhere around the player! Scheduled for later this year, it seems to be a unique feature of Oculus Quest, since the PC VR and PlayStation VR headset cables would be highly problematic. For all the news of Hit saber, do not forget to return to!

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