2008-2018: when prices and gasoline ignite the exterior [CHRONOLOGIE]


The current blockade of Reunion Island is far from the first overseas. For ten years, these large-scale social crises have been repeated, with common characteristics such as the cost of living, the price of gas, or insecurity. Back to previous crises.

2008-2009: The DOM ignites, the LKP emerges in Guadeloupe

At the end of 2008, Guyana is angry. The price of the gas flames, the Guyanese go down the street. The movement is retransmitted from January 2009 Guadeloupe where LKP, Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon, led by Elie Domota, starts a general strike lasting 44 daysfrom January 20 to March 4. Guadalupe is paralyzed, soon accompanied by Martinique, then by Reunion. A demonstrator, trade unionist Jacques Bino, is shot in a roadblock. Murder will never be elucidated. story of these weeks that marked the history of the Antilles with Laurence Théatin:

LKP in Guadeloupe, 2009

2011: Mayotte explodes

The expensive life is the cause of a new fire in Mayotte in September 2011. The rage and demonstrations last for three months during which a protester is killed. On October 19, 2011, a 39-year-old father collapsed during clashes with police in Mamudzu. According to the mayor, he died of a heart attack. After the announcement of his death, several hundred demonstrators take to the streets to denounce police brutality. On December 20, the union and employers of Mayotte finally signed the agreement to end the conflict against expensive life. The text deals in particular with the price reduction of 11 essential products. Back to this crisis with this October 2011 overseas report the first / France O:

crisis in Mayotte

2012: expensive life and fuel in Reunion

February 21, 2012 in Reunion, a demonstration of drivers against the rise of fuels degenerates. The confrontations between youth and police are taking place in Caldeirão and Oporto. The whole department is filled with an explosion of violence for six days. Garbage cans are burnt, cars tossed, shops looted and looted in almost every city in the department. The population denounces the high cost of living. Negotiations result in freezing or reducing prices by 40 basic needs.

Watch the report transmitted on February 24, 2012 in France O:

Riots at meeting in 2012

2017: Guyana irritated

It is the fight against insecurity that is at the beginning of the social discontent movement that affects Guyana in February-March 2017. The "500 Brothers Collective" unites and mobilizes widely. One event brings together tens of thousands of people on Cayenne while dams block the entire department. The Guyanese are calling for a plan to delay development. Finally, on 21 April 2017, the Guyana Agreement is signed. The government of Bernard Cazeneuve unblocked, a few days before the presidential election, a plan of more than one thousand million euros to fill the delays in education, security, health, justice and economically. Story in the video:

Guyana 2017

2018: Mayotte "dead island"

Insecurity is also the starting point for the six-week mobilization in Mayotte in early 2018. Attacks on the outskirts of schools in January triggered the first demonstrations. Mahorais denounce the illegal immigration of the Comoros. Dams paralyze the department. In March, the foreign minister goes to Mayotte and goes to the demonstrators at the dams. In May 2018, the Overseas Minister presented a "recovery plan" for Mayotte, worth 1.3 billion euros. Includes security, education, health and housing.

Negotiations Mayotte 2018


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