Young people from Egypt capture world jazz in Sharm el-Sheikh


The Egyptian-Egyptian band Cairo Steps captured the audience at the World Youth Forum through a large concert organized by the World Youth Theater in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Cairo Steps, under the leadership of the Egyptian composer, presented a musical blend of the spirit of international jazz with the accompaniment of the new world tango, with a blend of his most prominent pieces of "Anbar" and "Shams "to" Nile Dance "The fire audience with the new band" Youth Stipes "specially prepared as a band gift for the World Youth Forum.

Cairo Steps opened the second day of the World Youth Forum, currently taking place in the land of peace, Sharm el-Sheikh. The band concludes its series of concerts with Cuadro Nuevo, bringing together more than a dozen different concerts this year. After the German jazz award at the German Philharmonic Theater in Germany last April, Bassem Darwish was named the first "Oud Player" to receive the award in Egypt and the Middle East..

The band was honored for their joint album "Flying Carp" or "The Magic Carpet", during which Cairo Steps broke the album sales hurdles of the album, surpassing the 10,000 CDs sold only in Germany, and more than 5,000 sold No Egypt, and nearly 3,000 in different parts of Europe, leading the award-winning institution to print a large vinyl vinyl CD to commemorate this success as the album approaches the acquisition of the Platinum shield by breaking the twenty thousand barrier in terms of sales.









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