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Xiaomi mi banda 4 mi banda 4: specifications, features and price


Xiaomi mi banda 4 mi banda 4: specifications, features and price

Xiaomi mi banda 4 mi banda 4: specifications, features and price

The Chaomi Corporation of China today announced the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Mi Band 4, a version of the Amoled color screen, keeping the same cheap price starting at $ 25, making the Shawami best-selling fitness bracelet in the first quarter From According to IDC statistics, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Mai Band 4 provides the user with most of the basic features to monitor health and fitness factors at the lowest possible cost.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Mei Band 4 has a 0.95-inch Amoled color screen covered with a 2.5D curved edge glass with 240 x 120 pixels compared to a smaller screen measuring 0.78 inches less accurately than the previous version Mai Band 3, And support the water resistance feature up to 50 meters, which makes the Mai Band 4 suitable for use while swimming, with support for recording swimming strokes, and the ability to identify different swimming patterns such as free swimming or butterfly and others.

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Shaomi has supplied its new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Mi Band 4 smart bracelet with a heart rate sensor and a 6-speed accelerometer to track activities like running, swimming, cycling and walking. The Mi-Band 4, like previous versions, features a long battery life, the most popular and best selling, where you need to ship once every 20 days.

The Xiomi Mi Band 4 Mi Band 4 supports Android and iPhone phones via Bluetooth 5, supports on-screen alerts directly from various applications on the phone, as well as a timer, stopwatch, alarm or appointment reminder, Do not disturb and control music Like in previous versions, the Mai Band 4 allows you to observe different sleep patterns to get the best sleep time.

What is the price of Shaomi Mai Band 4?

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The Chaumi Mai Band 4 bracelet is now available for purchase from Chinese stores like AliExpress, with a variety of colors, priced at about $ 24 for the standard version, around $ 33 for the NFC-enabled version.

What are the highlights of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Mi Band 4?

  • The Amoled color screen is larger and more precisely measured than the previous version.
  • Supports water resistance up to 50 meters.
  • Identify different swimming patterns and calculate the number of cycles or kinks.
  • Measure the number of walking and jogging steps and calories burned.
  • Follow sleep patterns and provide tips for better sleep.
  • Measuring your heart rate throughout the day.
  • Battery needs charging once every 20 days.
  • A variety of colors.
  • Receive alerts by phone.
  • Phone location feature.
  • Low cost compared to all other fitness wristbands.

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