Witness … A Tunisian preacher embraces Israeli soldiers and calls them victory!


Islamic preacher Hassan al-Shalghoumi, who was born in Tunisia, visited Tel Aviv and met with Israeli officials during his visit. El-Shalghoumi appeared in a video posted by Israeli accounts on social networking sites, involving several Israeli soldiers, Army spokesman Avichai Adrei and another Israeli official.

"Israel is not hostile to Muslims and is only fighting terrorists like Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthis and the Iranian regime, and will bring security and peace to the region and to the Muslims," ​​Shalghoumi said in the video. Hassan Shalghoumi also called for the success and victory of the Israeli army: "You are among the few who understand the danger we face in Gaza and the northern border," he said. The controversial religious preacher Hassan al-Shalghoumi's visit sparked controversy over his presence and entourage for several Israeli soldiers during his visit to Tel Aviv.


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