WHO warns on measles epidemic


News Agent – World Health Organization (WHO) latest statistics indicate a marked increase in the number of measles cases worldwide, four times the number of injured last year, and that number will increase in the future.

The WHO has published alarming statistics on the number of measles cases worldwide. According to the WHO report, from January to March 2018, the number of officially registered infections was 28,000. But during the same period this year, more than 112,000 cases were officially registered.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average number of measles cases worldwide increased by 300% and in Africa by 700%.

Many cases of measles have been reported in the former Soviet republics: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine. As recorded in Madagascar, the Philippines, Congo, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Sudan, measles is now spreading in countries with high levels of vaccination: the United States, Israel, Thailand and Tunisia. The number of infections is particularly high among those who refuse to be vaccinated.

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The WHO report also notes that the number of measles deaths has reached 110,000 by 2017.

In turn, WHO experts point out that disease control is possible, with a specific strategy involving the use of two doses of the vaccine. However, the problem lies in the very low level of vaccination against the disease at the moment, with an initial vaccination rate of 85% while preventing the spread of the disease, it should be 95%.

The second vaccination rate is now only 67%. This is what experts expect the number of victims in the world to increase.

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