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When the moon completes the episode 21, Jaman and his fate are with the white after his last threat

When the moon is complete, we learn during a series when the moon is full of very interesting events, the relationship of geniuses with humans, where the sons of Adam, the person named Jamaan, represent the children of the genii, and he began this work in the midst of conflicting opinions. Four weeks ago since the beginning of April where the circulation of a large number of followers of the Saudi drama through social networking sites and the most important details of the Twitter series of Jaman and Flo, and the dispute as a worthless series , as it will be a horror series and be good and attracts children before the adults, but after several episodes of the series, critics before the fans certainly Saudi Arabia me that work is very beautiful, came today to a new and exciting episode.

The episode of the 21st episode of the series When the Moon is Over is completed in an exciting atmosphere of strange events, and we continue to follow in the next episode what will happen with Jaman and what will result from the white.

Episodes of the series when the moon is complete

The series begins with the completion of the moon, one of the most powerful episodes of drama in Saudi art history, where it discusses the important issue of magic and the department and its relationship with people, where the story begins with the character Jumanan who wanted to change his family to a better standard of living and went to his old house to seek treasure There is a family of geniuses living in his old house but not backtracked and continues to lead the quest then you know about Flo and have lived strange events with her , until it reached the stage of love during the few previous episodes, and we will know during the realization of the moon 21 Details and new caches.

A series when the moon is complete
A series when the moon is complete

When the moon is full, mbc1:

When the moon is completed by Saudi Arabia's MBCN channel, it will be broadcast at 9:00 GMT, while the moon will be blooped at 11:00 p.m. 10, in the middle of the night, also broadcast the new episode of the series the Egyptian time at 10 pm, can be identified in the frequency of MBC Now, and download to seize the follow-up of the Saudi series will complete the moon.

Satellite: Nilesat.


Encryption rate: 27500.

Polarization: Horizontal H.

When the moon completes episode 21 today

When the moon is now complete through channel mbc1, which you can get through the previous frequency, we will learn about exciting new events in episode 21 of the series when the moon is complete, and what will happen between the white and the two after the which he did with the doctor.

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