"Visual Media" ranks 254 content within 3 months


The General Audiovisual Media Authority has completed the classification and distribution of 254 media content during the third quarter of 2018, including 51 feature films, 116 ranked electronic games and 87 open games.
"The purpose of content classification is to help identify and determine the nature of the content presented, as well as clarify its suitability to age ranges in accordance with Kingdom values, ethics and community policy," the agency said in a statement to the press.
She pointed out the need to adhere to age rating, especially with regard to movies and electronic games, which helps to help adults choose suitable people under the age of 18.
The TRA has confirmed that the message sent by the local content creator must be true and reflect the reality of the society, asking them to be careful to create content that fits the recipient's taste.
She noted that creators have many ways to get support, whether from the Audio and Audio General Authority or from other government facilities that wish to facilitate their tasks.
It is worth mentioning that the General Authority of Audiovisual Media classified and opened 548 media content from the beginning of 2018 until the end of the third quarter of this year.
It is worth mentioning that the General Authority of Audiovisual Media adopted a system of compensation and categorization of the content of films that will be shown in theaters of the Kingdom, proportionally to the different ages.
The new content and content rating system, approved by the Audiovisual Authority, will be divided into six categories, each category being adapted to the age, viewer and participants, preventing children under 12 from watching movies that contain scenes improper Nature of your age.
According to the regulations, they can not enter unless accompanied by an adult.
The Board of the General Audiovisual Media Authority has previously confirmed that one of the goals of the film industry is the ability to protect the public from inappropriate content and support the production of positive results from it.


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