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Saturday, May 25

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Barcelona lost the Spanish Cup title, crowned last season after a 2-0 defeat to Valencia in the final, which brought them together at Pinto Viamarin.

The Catalans continued to have disappointing results at the end of the season after suffering a stiff defeat earlier this month after they emerged from the Champions League semi-final after a 4-0 defeat at Liverpool.

Barcelona rose to the final after overcoming the obstacle of Real Madrid, while Valencia qualified for the final by defeating Real Betis.

Barcelona began the game with a cast consisting of: Jasper Silesen – Samedio – Piqué – Linguier – Jordi Alba – Sergio Roberto – Sergio Busquets – Arthur – Ratic – Coutinho – Messi.

On the other hand, Valencia began to form: Dominique, SPA, Garay, Paulista, Jaya, Soller, Bayejo, Coquelen, Gedis, Rodríguez, Gammero.

Match Details

Rodríguez of Valencia was close to scoring the first goal of the club after Barcelona goalkeeper Celcienne was caught off guard but Pique intervened in time and pulled the ball out of line.

And tried Argentine star Lionel Messi to open the goals of Barcelona after a strong shot on the border of the penalty area, but hit the ball at the foot of defender Valencia and turn the ball into a corner.

At 22 minutes, French striker Jameiro, Valencia striker to score the first goal after he shot a strong shot from inside the penalty area, the Barcelona goalkeeper is just following.

In minute 34, Rodriguez sent a second blow to Barcelona after scoring Valencia's second goal from a header after a cross from Soller to become the result (2-0) for the bat.

Messi tried to score the goal to reduce the difference in favor of Barcelona in the 56th minute, after a strong kick to the goal, but hit the ball to the right before turning back to Fedal, who hit the bar.

At 74 minutes Messi returned to score the goal to reduce the difference in favor of Barcelona after scoring the Catalan team's goal for the first time, taking advantage of the poor exclusion of the ball by the goalkeeper to jump in front of the goal for Messi scored the goal to reduce and become the result (2-1).


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