Video .. Plans of the Qatarian and Iranian system to reach the interests of the Arab countries


The official website of Qatar revealed the relationship between the Qatar regime and the Iranian regime to fragment the region and adulterate Arab countries' capacities and direct their interests, following the approach taken by Tamim Bin Hamad in the Arab region.

The site said in a video that the Hamdeen organization has become part of the Iranian Al-Mellali system, all strategies and destructive targets of the Middle East in general and the Gulf in particular.The Qatar regime cooperates with its Iranian correspondent to attack the interests of other Gulf countries, especially the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It is only that these two countries reject Hamdin's destructive approach.

This article is a video of the Qatari and Iranian system to reach the interests of the Arab countries, is derived from the seventh day, does not reflect the policy of the site or the point of view in any way, and the responsibility is from the source of the original news, which it's the seventh day.


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