Video captures the breath .. Scenes you will not imagine in Saudi Arabia!


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Jeddah – By Talal Al-Hamoud – Many areas are submerged in Saudi Arabia, which has not yet been discovered by the eyes of the tourist, including Madain Saleh and the town of Ola.

But photographer Johnny Shire, who showed the magnificence of these areas in a short film, charmed the minds of many of his followers on Instagram.

The film, which was captured inside the Rehab Madain Saleh, is now closed to the public, adopted the style of cinematography used in Hollywood films, the way the film production of adventure and action.

Shire features high-quality drones, visual effects for video production and the splendor of the city of Al Ula and Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia.

The film, according to experts, has distinguished itself from traditional and traditional models and images, to portray tourism sites and to introduce the human element, thus humanizing work.

"The coolest thing I've ever seen"

"I became a Star Wars pilot while flying on these rock formations, thin floors and high ceilings," Shayer said on his escort page, followed by millions.

He explained that his experience was motivated by the Kingdom Portal account, an educational initiative that invites students to explore and learn about Saudi Arabia.

"Mada's sites in Saleh are currently closed to the public, while the Royal Commission is developing the area to allow for future tourism, but has received an official invitation to photograph and document these sites for their participation in monitoring social media. "

He thanked everyone who participated in this adventure of montage and music.

The gatewayksa account commented on the experience: "The world is changing, when we change our vision" – a little hard work done by men on an exciting journey for us … We are proud to work with these talented designs to produce content that we can share with a world of beautiful places So far, access to it. "

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