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ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Superhero bacteria, or bacteria resistant to antibiotics, are a major concern for doctors worldwide, but a group of scientists has found an unexpected solution that could help eliminate bacteria ,.
According to the new study, the virus
The "bacteria" is able to eat bacteria. And prepare
Bacteria are the most common living organism on earth.
The virus differs from "pathogens" to disease-causing viruses such as influenza and Ebola,
Because it does not hurt people, but its role is limited
To "eat bacteria", according to the study
Published by the Daily Mail,
British newspaper reported yesterday.
But these viruses do not eat all kinds of bacteria, each bacterium eats a specific type of bacteria, so doctors design these treatments according to each infection. This method of treatment has been useful only in specific areas.
Critics of this method say it is still less effective than ordinary antibiotics and that viruses leave the system quickly, so they are only slightly ineffective.
Despite these criticisms, a University of California-US pilot program used bacteriostatic viruses to treat people who have no hope of success in other ways, and scientists have already succeeded.


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