Turki Al-Sheikh celebrates victory over Ahli: The Pyramids Malik Zee learns Riih J


Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of the Pyramid Club and president of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, celebrated the victory of the Pyramids in Al Ahli through his official Facebook account.

"Ah, Bremer, Malik Zai, learn Rayeh Gee," Al-Sheikh said through his Facebook account after a 1-0 win over Al Ahly in a match between the two teams in the Petro Sport League.

As Al-Sheikh said, "He plays with us, and he is not afraid, nor is he afraid, nor is he a son, and if he were a full Keno, he would register." If they were full he would want to understand their transgressions and move away of Assad.

Turki Al - Sheikh

Al-Sheikh continued: "He told you to walk with Mabenzelsh, and we put him in the palm of the rest.

Turki Al - Sheikh

Turki Al-Sheikh also sent a Facebook message to Abdullah, former ship-owner and current pyramids, saying: "His right is Jalk Yabu Abdullah .. Instead of time I gained two tons … and the length of the mantle from Sibha to God .. The complexity of Maachin ".

Turki Al - Sheikh

Zamalek leads the table with 60 points, followed by pyramids with the same number of points and Al Ahli in third with 58 points.


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