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Top 5 software to modify photos in Windows


Today we offer you the 5 best programs to modify the images in Windows 10 we find many of us difficult to use the Alfotoshob program so today we will give you 5 programs that do the same task but much simpler than the complexities of Alfotoshob to obtain wonderful photos from the beginning of simple and easy adjustments to the program · Paint a transition to a set of complex settings, such as background separation and installation of other images, everything you'll find in the software package we'll publish for you today.

Top 5 software to modify photos in Windows

This is the best set of software programs to modify the images in all possible ways and easy and direct ways without many complications and problems do not need these programs for the graphic devices with high components like the microscope and the screen board and difficult, but they operate with the smallest available capacities, which distinguishes these easy and simple applications.

1. Picasa Picasa

This program is the official program to modify images in Google Famous Vote besides being owned by Google's gigantic technology, so we started is the most secure and professional software and the absence can be found online in google photo so it's easier of access and certainly available on all devices that are running Android can also be downloaded to your computer through the following link.

Top 5 software to modify photos in Windows

Download a Google-owned pixel program on your computer

Download Picasa for PC

2. Photoscape Software

One of the best photo editing software available on Android and Windows platforms is also one of the few programs that support adding filter to images on your computer you can always download the program from most of the famous download platforms also supports the Gallery program Photo is a collection of images in one image in more than one wonderful way to get Picture of any dimension you want to download the program in the following link.

Top 5 software to modify photos in Windows

PhotoShop software to modify images similar to the programs Balfotoshob

Download PhotoScape for Windows

Windows Photo Gallery

This program is small and is the most image editing software in support of different Windows systems, in addition to working with minimal possibilities. The program does not include many add-ons such as PhotoScape and Picasa, but it is very wonderful in terms of speed and work under the performance is very weak, so I recommend for devices That download the Ram less than 1 GB in addition to the software of the largest technology company is the company designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system You can download the program from the following link:

Windows Photo Gallery

4. Paint.NET

It is a program more similar to Alfotoshob for the rest, but easier to use and less in size and also less in the possibilities required to run the work of this program very quickly and high performance, in addition to having many different additions that allow you to do many tasks similar with Alfotoshob Lovers from photoshop This program is your way to start with the easiest ways to download now in the link below.

Download Paint.NET

5. Gimpshop

The latest and most modified version of the Gimp program is one of the best alternatives to Alfotoshob completely free The program also comes with more than 90% of the additions Alfotoshob does not support many vulnerable devices, but certainly much easier to deal with it Alfotoshob program You too you can through this program to get the best filters and various additions And merge images and remove the background, plus many different tasks Download this program now from the following:

Download Gimpshop

This is our theme for the day ended and as an advice, the best program in this valuable group is the Gimp Shop program in terms of modification to the photos, while the best programs for the work of personal pictures on social networking sites and adding different filters is a Google pixel program to load the most appropriate for you through Link to it and do not forget to leave your opinion in this group in the comments.

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