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The vaccine stimulates the immune system to destroy cancer cells

Washington Rola Issa

In the United States, the first stage of the human vaccine test stimulated the immune system to destroy the intestinal cancer cells, created by experts at Thomas Jefferson University, whose work stimulates the body's immune system and attacks GUCY2C protein.

Experts say the immune system has its own resources, such as T cells, to fight tumors, which provide special receptors that can interact with any type of cell in which the immune system sees a threat, including cancer cells, to destroy them.

Therefore, when the vaccine was invented, the scientists collected the molecule "GUCY2" against tumors and the molecule "PADRE", which increases the response of the immune system.

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In the first phase of human trials, 10 patients with bowel cancer participated in the first and second stages, and all received one dose of the vaccine, and the doctors collected blood samples after 30, 90 and 180 days.

The results of the analysis showed that the vaccine increases the activity of special T cells, which recognize the cancer cells that have been activated under the influence of the protein "GucY2C" responsible for the development of intestinal cancer and destroy.

"We got the first evidence that the patient's immune system could be directed to look for bowel cancer to destroy it," experts say.

"We are getting ready for the second test. We will begin calling patients this fall and will make adjustments to the vaccine based on the results of the first phase tests," said Adam Snook. "We hope the results of the second phase will be more effective."

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