"The sound is composed" .. Hala Sedqi is shown in video insulting art and time



Monday, April 1, 2019

Books – Muazepaz Abbas:

Hala Sedqi said she has published a video of scenes from a series that she plays without a voice, but was surprised to merge a voice with video that harms art and artists.

In a telephone interview with Rai Al Aam, Amr Sedi said that the person who installed his voice in the video was identified as insulting the artists and that there were those who deliberately insulted the artists. : "I always say that the artistic center is my family and I am one of them, so how can I abuse them and abuse them?"

She added: "The sound was installed in the video. It is not logical to accuse the artistic medium, and filed a complaint with Internet interrogators, and in a few hours we will reach those who have already done so", says: "The sound of the video is close to my voice, but it's light. " For people who work in the art world. "


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