The fact of the death of many stars in Bab al-Hara


The company finished the art production of the filming of the hot section X series, after winning the legal mother company Maysal producing the work and owner Bassam Mulla, but the company pointed out that during the filming of the tenth part of the series became all is subject the change of the job name and the name of the number A large number of characters is considered one of the main characters of the series.

Hot section in series

"The events of the Bab Al Hara series begin with the exposure of the Al-Daba neighborhood to the bombing of the French occupation, which led to the martyrdom of the heroes of the work who refused to represent it in the tenth, but some survived and agreed to hire the new Among the names that were killed in the French drama "Nouri, Ali Karim, Algerian Sabah, Wafaa Mosuli, Mohammed Khair Jarrah.

On the other hand, some personalities maintain their presence, and artist Fateh Suleiman was nominated for the role of Colonel Moataz after the performance of artist Wael Sharaf for seven consecutive parts and artist Mustapha El Din in the eighth and ninth part. Rasha Ibrahim in the character of Esmeralda.

Director Bassam Mulla directed the first five parts of the series, and awarded the task of director Extraordinary Azzam in the sixth and seventh, and director Naji Tohma in the eighth and ninth.


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