The Dirab tunnel in Riyadh and the great exit 15 were filled with water due to heavy rains and poor drainage


The capital Riyadh witnessed on Friday heavy rains, flooded with several streets of Riyadh water, and led to the closing of several streets, due to heavy rains and poor drainage of these streets.

They circled the video of the Dirab tunnel and exit 15 of the East Ring during the accumulation and collection of water, and the outbreak of several cars due to misuse of water.

The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection on Friday gave a number of tips to citizens and residents in case of storms, as follows:

– Avoid using your cell phone in the event of lightning.

– Always carry the parachute.

– Call for civil defense in case of an emergency call 998.

– Stay away from the flood waters.

– Meteorology continued through its approved platforms.


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