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The case is still under investigation and the efforts of the Kingdom Embassy in America are honorable

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The family of the two girls "Rotana and Tala": The case is still under investigation and the efforts of the Embassy of the Kingdom of America Supervisor of the Mazmz website on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Legal adviser Muhannad Mahmoud Saeed al-Najjar, spokeswoman for the families of the two girls, "Rotana and Tala," criticized what was reported in some media outlets and published news stories about the two girls who recently died in the United States, God blesses them, explaining that expressing surprise in the publication of false and shameful news and photos is not for the two girls. Najjar said: "What was practiced by some media has damaged the reputation of the victims 'family and their psychological state, but it was a provocation and trade with their daughters' blood and cheap marketing to their media."

He noted that "some people in the media violated the law and stripped humanity and professional ethics, even the customs and principles we created as Muslims." On the other hand, they did not follow the guidance of the Foreign Ministry and the directives of His Highness the Ambassador of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques in Washington and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New York, where they issued a media statement to take into account the privacy of the case and not speak without precision. "We will cover all the doors of the competent authorities, whether in Saudi Arabia or even through the lawyers of the families of the two girls in the United States of America," said Al-Najjar.

The family of the two girls expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the Kingdom, represented by their embassy in Washington and their consulate in New York, for all efforts and supported them, and pointed out that they were and are still working on the case, appointing lawyers and pursuing the case to the last degree of litigation. . The family said, "So far, the case is still under investigation, and we are confident that the facts will arise and that your generous efforts will not be lost in our faith and experience abroad that our beloved kingdom cares for and takes care of its citizens at home and abroad, the honorable and the crown prince. "

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