The Artegirl Resurrection Series


The series of Artegirl Resurrection Episode 145 of the fifth and final part, where we saw dramatic events in the previous episode, both of Artegrel and at the time of the execution of Dragoos, and actually complete the execution scene, or there is a reaction of Artegril, and after our view of announcing Episode 145 of Artegral's resurrection, Pamesy, what will happen to him after being struck by the sword? we are constantly following the analysis of the ad that is presented by light website and satellite channel Yarmouk on the site of news from the Nile.

The Resurrection of Artagirl Episode 145 Revealed the reality of Pibolat and the end of Pamesy

He knew that Pibolat would participate, of course Ertgrel knows the betrayal of Pibolat, but wants to be sure of his other identity, and Hasta Pasta, and the plan put into the market so far the first thing the ad did not show Drogoth's fate, By the hands of the people, or that he fled in the battle, after lifting the sword of Artigarl to eliminate it.

The second question, which is made by many, is how the battle began, the first possibility is that the campaign mentioned by Pibolat in the first announcement 145, And the other possibility is obviously that there will be a great battle, but it is not yet known.

And he went to the market until he found himself in the middle of the battle, and began to fight until he was injured, but his injury is not great, and then he goes to Ertgrel to apologize to him, Artagirl will then be forgiven and will remain close to Artagrill.

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