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DUBAI – Gulf Daily News reveals a number of facts through its service Get a rumor Which is associated today that sugary drinks are beneficial to health.

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In Get a rumor Today, we will address the fact that sugary drinks are beneficial to health as they cause health damage, and consuming only one pack per day increases the risk of death from heart disease by up to 31% and even diet drinks are harmful.

A recent study suggests that only one dose of diabetes per day increases the risk of death because it causes heart disease and even cancer.

A study by Harvard University found that access to cans of soda, juice or energy drinks per day increases the risk of dying from heart disease by 31%.

Scientists have also found that daily change of sugary soda from a diet drink reduces the risk of premature death, but the risk increases again if you consume more than four packets of diet per day.

It has been shown that one drink of sugar per day increases the risk of infection by 14%, and two or six per week reduces the incidence rate to 6%, and one to four per month by up to 1%.


"These results are consistent with the known adverse effects of high sugar on metabolic risk factors," said Dr. Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard University.

The strong evidence that drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of type 2 diabetes is in itself an important risk factor for premature death.

The results also provide additional support for policies that limit the marketing of sugary beverages to children and adolescents and the implementation of taxes on the consumption of soft drinks in order to reduce illness.

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