Surprise in the first comment of Shahinaz's wife to hit her


Dawn of businessman Ihab Mahmoud, the husband of singer Shahinaz Ziauddin, surprises surprises in the fact that his wife accused him of beating his mother and kidnapped his son after his wife posted a picture on his Facebook account bleeding from his nose , stating that she cheated and discovered that she traveled for 8 days to Dubai and Indonesia without her knowledge after being inspired to travel to the city of El Gouna and Ain Sokhna in Egypt.

"The beginning of the incident was when he was surprised that his wife, Shahinaz, was out of Egypt for eight days between Dubai and Indonesia," the businessman said during a call to the Citizen program broadcast by Al-Hayat Al-Youm. When she told him she would go on a business trip between El Gouna and Ain El Sokhna, leaving her son Malik to devote himself to reliving the shows there.

Ehab explained that he was very upset, like any Oriental man who envies his wife and family, but did not offer to beat her, stating that he did not kidnap his son as alleged, and there are no father's offers to kidnap his son .

He said that his wife put Shasha medically on his nose to show that I had assaulted her. This did not happen. In fact, she suffers from nasal sinuses and any touch on the nose leads to bleeding. After that she published a photo of Sylvie in the media claiming that I beat her and her mother.

When he went to take his son for a break, his wife and his mother, whom he described as long tongues and hands, thought he would kidnap his son. He defended himself only by saying: "I do not respect them because we are not in a forest ".

He pointed out that he was separated from his wife two and a half years ago, and there are cases of disqualification against him, but was rejected in court, stating that: "If your wife Shahinaz has been confirmed it will be confirmed that there is no problem in the nose, and it is completely sound, "threatening to sue his wife after the smear campaign against him.

Artist Shahinaz Ziauddin surprised her audience by posting a photo of her, claiming her husband overcame her and refused to give her child.


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