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Summary: The result of the match between Spain and Sweden on Monday 10-6-2019 in qualifying for Euro 2020


We start with you through the website "Events Today" summary of the game between Spain and Sweden on Monday, 10-6-2019 in the fourth round of the qualifiers for the European Cup of Nations 2020, a strong meeting for the elect, where this game awaits more than millions worldwide, The match is scheduled to take place at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Spain, who wants to achieve Gali's victory in this game, having achieved a major victory at the expense of the Fao Islands in a quarter against a goal in the third round of qualifying, while Spain leads his group with 9, where he did not suffer any defeat so far, The meeting was snatched from Sweden to continue the victory.

Sweden, Sweden reach Group F with 7 points after winning two games and a third draw, defeating Romania in the first round, then drawing with Norway in the second round and defeating Malta in the third round and hopes to win the fourth victory over Spanish team tonight.

Summarized correspondence between Spain and Sweden

The game between Spain and Sweden will be held on Monday 10-6-2019 at 10:00 p.m. Saudi Arabia time 21:00 Egyptian time 22:00 Palestine time, while its distinguished "Events of the Day" website will present a summary of the meeting with Spain Sweden tonight.

  • We are waiting with you for the first half of the match between Spain and Sweden now.
  • A quarter of an hour and the beginning of the first half of the match Spain and Sweden.
  • Now the start of the first half of the match Spain and Sweden.
  • The Spaniards are superior since the beginning of the first half.
  • We continue to meet with you for a moment.
  • It ended with a 3-0 win over Australia.

Normally, the PSN Sport Group transfers all the important games and will confirm that it will transfer the final between Spain and Sweden today, especially the channel carrier, BN4 Sport + bein 4k suspension commentator Essam Shawali.

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